Luke Skywalker Bespin, CD-ROM, POTJ, 2001

Conceptual Mockup

This Bespin Luke Skywalker action figure was planned to be released as part of the Power of the Jedi with a series of figures to include a CD-ROM disc.  This disc was to include an interactive force file, X-Wing Fighter game and more.  Ultimate this line of figures were cancelled and never made it to toy shelves.  However this version of Luke did make it as far as a painted first shot.  In 2002, Hasbro released a similar version of Bespin Luke as part of their Saga figure assortment.  The Saga Luke figure is a completely different figure sculpt and included some new accessories.  The most noticeable difference is that this version doesn't have articulated knees or a button to move the waist.  Additional the hand has a peg instead of a magnet. 

CD-ROM Luke is on the left.  Saga Luke is on the right.

The accessories are also similar, but different.  The tourniquet is not only painted different, but the hose on the prototype version is slightly smaller in diameter and is positioned different.  The lightsaber was of a one-piece design & the blaster appears to have some slight paint differences.  Below is a comparison of the transition of CD-ROM Luke to Saga Luke.  Note that the transition Luke in the center has the CD ROM Luke's arms and Saga Luke's pelvis and legs.  It also has a pegged hand instead of a magnet hand.

Left: CD ROM Luke, Center: Transition Luke, Right: Saga Luke