Luke Skywalker Bespin (Transition), SAGA, 2002

Left: CD-ROM Luke, Center: Transitional Luke, Right: Saga Luke

Luke Skywalker (Bespin) made some transitional changes to its final release in the Saga series.  Originally Luke was planned to be released as a special CD-ROM pack-in set with the Power of the Jedi line.  The first figure above represents the unreleased CD-ROM Luke.  It had a pegged hand that can be easily removed.  The second figure above is the "transitional Luke".  This unreleased figure had the same upper torso and limbs, but the lower half was redesigned to have articulated knees and a push button swing action.  It also had a peg style removable hand.  Last is the production release Saga Luke.  The forearms have a different sculpt than the first two Lukes.  The hand peg was replaced with a magnet.

Transition Luke's weapons have a slight change when compared to the Saga production Luke.  The lightsaber has a different hilt.  The blaster and tourniquet are the same as the production version.