3T-RNE (Unreleased Packaging), Star Tours/SAGA, 2003


Unproduced Card Design

This is an unreleased salesman sample of one of the Wave 3 Star Tours figures featuring a 2003 SAGA card back.  The production figure was later released in 2005 on a black card back.

History of Star Tours Figures:

Hasbro launched the Disney Star Tours line in 2002 to commemorate the Walt Disney Parks attraction.  The first wave of 6 figures were released on Power of the Jedi card backs. 


Wave 1


In 2003, a second wave of 3 figures were released on SAGA cards.  There were plans to re-release some of wave 1 figures on this packaging as well as a 3rd wave.  However, these plans were cancelled.

Wave 2

In 2005, Hasbro finally released the third and final wave of Star Tours carded figures.  Very limited examples of these figures were produced also on SAGA card backs as salesman samples.


Wave 3