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Star Wars Stormtrooper (Viewfinder) Power of the Force, 1996-1997

Unproduced Stormtrooper Viewfinder Prototype Figure
Unreleased Stormtrooper Viewfinder Prototype Figure

Kenner/Hasbro developed a number of one-of-a-kind concepts out of their model shop.  This is a Stormtrooper action figure, hand modified to include a viewfinder feature similar to the Viewfinder toys.  It is a production figure that was modified with an eye port on the back of the head.  The front left eye was hollowed out to allow for light.  When you hold the figure to the light, you can see a still image of the trash compactor scene in Star Wars.   This concept was never approved for any type of production.

Trash Compactor Scene
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