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Clone Wars Packaging Design Line Look

Star Wars Clone Wars Logo

In 2003, Lucasfilm released the Clone Wars multimedia campaign, which created a story between "Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith".  The story began with a micro-series of 2D animated shorts.


Backed by popular demand, Lucasfilm extended this campaign with a computer-animated TV series released in 2008.  Hasbro was tasked to develop a product line to include a wide range of action figures and vehicles.

Early conceptual designs of the the Clone Wars action figure packaging were based on the "Battle of Geonosis".  In the efforts to complement the Saga series, many basic design elements were used including the banner graphic on the left side of the card back, blister and blister insert artwork.

Clone Wars Conceptual Hand Made Mock Up

Conceptual Mock Up

Clone Wars Proof Card

Final Design

The initial production release included action figure sculpts based on a realistic look.  This design feature allows children to recreate scenes using mixing new figures with old to obtain a consistent look.  However, Hasbro also created a second wave of action figures that featured a unique animated design to match the characters found in the 2D shorts. 

In 2008, Lucasfilm launched an entirely new computer-animated Clone Wars TV series.  Hasbro developed action figures to fit the look of this new series and they included a new card and blister design. 


The design included a generic card back design that featured a Clone Trooper helmet.  This look would also complement the Legacy Collection, which featured a Stormtrooper helmet design.  Shortly after production, Hasbro made a running change to the Clone Wars card back to include a lighter logo and visor.

2008 Clone Wars Proof Card Version 1

2008 Version 1

2008 Clone Wars Proof Card Version 2

2008 Version 2

Hasbro refreshed their action figure assortment in 2009 and ditched the generic card back design for a character specific design. This new design was used for both Clone Wars and the Legacy Collection.  In 2010, Hasbro refreshed the line look again and it featured a dark blue color scheme with white logo.  This design was carried through 2011.

2009 Clone Wars Proof Card

2009 Design

2010 Clone Wars Proof Card

2010 Design

In 2012, Hasbro transitioned back into generic card designs beginning with a Darth Maul inspired card back.  Character differentiation was created by the artwork used on the blister insert. This made sense due to the higher production ratio of movie characters compared to Clone Wars.  This packaging was also used with the "Movie Heroes" and "Discover the Force" lines.

In 2013, Lucasfilm announced that they would be "winding down" the Clone Wars series. Hasbro replaced the Darth Maul image with Yoda for a slight refresh.

In 2020, "The Final Season" of the series was released.  By this time, Clone Wars action figures were introduced as part of the "Vintage Collection", bringing a nostalgic look and amazing character art!

2012 Clone Wars Proof Card

2012 Design

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