SAGA (2002-2003)

The SAGA line was developed to introduce the figures for Star Wars Episode II "Attack of the Clones".

Packaging Design

The packaging for this series was designed to allow for characters from Episode II and the classic trilogy series.  It featured a blue background with a lightsaber as the main background image.

Saga Proof Card
Unreleased 3.75" Scale Toys and Concepts

Some of these concepts were minor changes, while others are completely unreleased.

Dexter Jettster

(Unreleased Pipe)

Geonosis Gun


Mace Windu

(Unreleased Cape)

Obi-Wan Kenobi

(Unreleased Head)

Han Solo

(Alternate Head)

Count Dooku


Gungan Defense

Accessory Set

Luke Skywalker


Yavin Rebel Base

Accessory Set

Jabba's Palace

Accessory Set

Unreleased Package Designs

These items were produced, but not in the Saga packaging as shown.  Some items were planned for re-release and others were released at a later date with different packaging.

Jango Fett's

Slave I




(Cantina Wave 2)


Kitik Keed'kak

(Cantina Wave 2)


Dr. Evazan

(Cantina Wave 2)


Bespin Patrol

Cloud Car


G-3 5LE

Defense of Naboo

Gian Speeder