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Star Wars Gungan Defense Accessory Set SAGA, 2003

Star Wars Unproduced Gungan Defense Accessory Set Mock Up

In 2002, Hasbro offered action figure accessory sets as a Target exclusive.  These sets were packed with an action figure and included a variety of accessories that were exclusive to these sets.

A second wave of accessory sets were developed.  However, Target and other retailers decided to pass on them.  The Gungan Defense accessory set is one of the cancelled sets.  It featured a repainted Gungan Warrior, energy shield and Atlatl from the Power of the Jedi basic figure assortment.  The 2-piece electro ples, energy ball bag, assault cannon, energy ball projectiles are exclusive to this set.


Other Cancelled Accessory Sets:


Yavin Rebel Base


Jabba's Palace

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