Power of the Jedi (2000-2002)

The Episode I line eventually came to an end and a transitional packaging was developed to market both Episode I and Classic Trilogy characters.  The Power of the Jedi (POTJ) line was created to market both eras.  There were few items developed during this era that never made their way to toy shelves.

Packaging Design

There were many conceptual designs created for the Power of the Jedi line with the intent on combining prequel and original trilogy characters.  Some early conceptual designs included generation 1 CommTech chips, but this technology was cancelled and later replaced with "Jedi Force Files".


Early Conceptual Design

Conceptual Mockup


Final Card Design

Unreleased 3.75" & 12" Toys and Concepts

Some of these concepts were minor changes, while others are completely unreleased.

Luke Skywalker
Bespin CD-ROM

Darth Vader
Bespin CD-ROM

Chewbacca Dejarik



(Unproduced Door)

12" Ody Mandrell

12" Probe Droid