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Datestamps can help indicate when a product was manufactured.  Use this guide to understand how to read them.

Toy manufacturers often put datestamps on action figure packaging and on some of the more recent action figures during the production process.  Depending on the line / segment, datestamps can be found in different areas on the card back.  They indicate the timeframe that the figure was produced for tracking purposes.  This information can be used by collectors to determine the legitimacy of variations, and prototype mockup figures. 


Hasbro has used two different types of datestamps on action figures from 1995 to present.  They each have a different method or date identity and they can be distinguished by the total number of digits. 

4-Digit Datestamp

POTF2 Datestamp Luke Skywalker

The first two digits indicate the year, and the second two digits indicate the week it was produced.  In this example, this datestamp would indicate that it was manufactured the 17th week of 1996.


5-Digit Datestamp

POTJ Datestamp Chewbacca Dejarik

The first digit indicates the year, and the next three digits indicate the day and the last is currently unknown.  In this example, this datestamp would indicate that it was manufactured the 290th day of 2000, 2010, 2020, etc.    The last digit indicates the "working shift".  Most figures are produced in the first shift.  However, during busy times, figures can be produced in the second and third shifts.  Sample figures will sometimes end in an 8. 


Use this tool to calculate the actual date.

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