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Star Wars Yavin Rebel Base Accessory Set SAGA, 2003

Star Wars Saga Unproduced Yavin Rebel Base Accessory Set with Rebel Alliance Technician

In 2002, Hasbro offered action figure accessory sets as a Target exclusive.  These sets were packed with an action figure and included a variety of accessories that were exclusive to these sets.

A second wave of accessory sets were developed.  However, Target and other retailers decided to pass on them.  The Yavin Rebel Base accessory set is one of the cancelled sets.  It featured an exclusive Rebel Alliance Technician figure made of a Power of the Force 2 AT-ST driver body and a new unique head sculpt.  Some of the accessories were later released in other sets.  Similar X-Wing loading and pilot ladders were released in the 2009 Legacy Wedge Antilles' X-Wing Starfighter.  The white conduit spools were released with the 2006 Saga Collection Darth Vader.  The flare lights, storage canisters, and hangar floor light are exclusive to this set and were not released in any other sets.


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