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Star Wars Mace Windu Lightsaber
SAGA, 2002

Star Wars SAGA Unproduced Mace Windu Role Play Lightsaber by Hasbro
Mace Windu Lightsaber

In 2002, Hasbro released a series of role-play toys including a Mace Windu lightsaber.  This electronic lightsaber featured a purple blade and the design was based on the lightsaber as seen in The Phantom Menace.  Mace would later changed to a completely different design.

Early concepts for this lightsaber were designed to utilize a color-changing blade feature.  The user could select between 3 different color chips that would control the blade's color.  The unused chips can be stored in end of the hilt.  The blade itself was molded in a clear plastic with small grooves to help diffuse the light throughout the entire blade.

Mace Windu Color-Changing Chips
Star Wars SAGA Unreleased Mace Windu Role Play Lightsaber by Hasbro

It is unknown if the color-changing feature was due to production costs or keeping it more screen accurate.

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