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Classic Collection Figures
SAGA, 2003


In 2003, Hasbro pitched the "Classic Collection" action figure line to Lucasfilm.  Targeted towards adult collectors, this line would offer more details and articulation compared to previous lines and at a higher price point. It would also pay homage to the 1970's and 1980's figures with this retro packaging design. Twelve realistically styled action figures were initially planned for the line with additional figures, cardbacks, and promotions to have been released should the line have continued on.


There were plans to offer an interactive packaging design that would allow consumers to trigger character phrases when the Hasbro logo is pressed.  


12 Back-B


20 Back-C

Handmade conceptual packaged mockups were created to pitch this line.  The back of the mockups featured popular vintage style card backs.

While this Vintage Original Trilogy Collection didn't quite materialize with sound phrases, it did create a new beginning to today's very popular Vintage Collection.



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