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Star Wars Luke Skywalker
Vintage Original Trilogy Collection, 2004


In 2004, Hasbro released the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection of action figures.  Targeted towards adult collectors this line would offer more details and articulation compared to previous lines and at a higher price point.  It would also pay homage to the 1970's and 1980's figures with this retro packaging design.

The above is an early hand-made conceptual mockup to visualize this line look.  The figure used to create this concept was a 1999 CommTech Luke Skywalker.  The figure's blister and packaging clamshell were handmade and significantly different than the production counterpart.  The final production figure included  a more realistic sculpt with fabric clothing.

Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Luke Skywalker

Production Release

Classic Collection Lucasfilm Pitch

Fun Fact:

The Vintage Original Trilogy Collection was originally pitched to Lucasfilm in 2003 and was planned to have an interactive package design that would allow consumers to trigger signature character phrases from the movies.

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