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Star Wars Dexter Jettster with Pipe
SAGA, 2002

Unproduced Dexter Jettster with Pipe Prototype Figure

Hasbro created Dexter Jettster based on the early concepts of including a pipe.  Early preproduction test shots and paint sample figures were developed to include a stationary pipe as part of the original head sculpt.  The head sculpt was later changed to remove the pipe and offer as a separate accessory.  The pipe concept was ultimately rejected and the figure was produced without any for of pipe.

Children and collectors may notice the mention of a pipe and empty cavity within the blister of packaging.  Dexter with pipe is also featured on the back of the production card back.

Dexter Jettster with Pipe Original Sculpt

Fun Fact:

Dexter Jettster's character appeared in the Star Wars movie "Attack of the Clones".  Early conceptual models used for the film reveal him to be a smoker.  This reference information was shared with Hasbro Toys for the development of the action figure.  A source revealed that George Lucas didn't want the character to have a pipe as it promotes the use of tobacco products and the film was intended to include a young audience.

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