Star Wars Dexter Jettster with Pipe
SAGA, 2002

Unproduced Dexter Jettster with Pipe Prototype Figure

Hasbro created Dexter Jettster based on the early concepts of including a pipe.  Early preproduction test shots and paint sample figures were developed to include a stationary pipe as part of the original head sculpt.  The head sculpt was later changed to remove the pipe and offer as a separate accessory.  The pipe concept was ultimately rejected and the figure was produced without any for of pipe.


Children and collectors may notice the mention of a pipe and even a cavity found in the blister on the production figure packaging as seen in these photos.

Dexter Jettster with Pipe Original Sculpt

Fun Fact:

Dexter Jettster's character appeared in the Star Wars movie "Attack of the Clones".  Early conceptual models used for the film reveal him to be a smoker.  This reference information was shared with Hasbro Toys for the development of the action figure.  A source revealed that George Lucas didn't want the character to have a pipe as it promotes the use of tobacco products and the film was intended to include a young audience.