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Star Wars Luke Skywalker (Transitional)
SAGA, 2002

Unproduced SAGA Luke Skywalker Bespin Transitional Prototype

In 2001, Hasbro planned to launch a new figure assortment to include a CD-ROM, featuring an x-wing flight game and a way to create your own Jedi force file and send it to the internet.  One of the figures developed for this series was Luke Skywalker in Bespin outfit.  It was dubbed as "CD-ROM Luke".  The series was cancelled and the CD-ROM Luke figure never made it to production.


When Hasbro launched the SAGA Collection in 2002, this figure concept came back, but to include a "lightsaber slashing attack" feature.  The figure was retooled with a button mechanism to allow the figure to pivot at the waist when the button is pressed.  This unreleased "transitional" Luke includes some body parts from the original CD-ROM Luke and other parts from the production SAGA Luke.

Comparison Photos:

Transition Luke Skywalker Bespin (on the left) can be identified by the following differences compared to the SAGA production release.  The right and left arms are not bent at a 90 degree angle.  The hand is pegged and does not utilize a magnetic insert in the wrist.

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