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Star Wars Star Tours DL-X2
SAGA, 2003


In 2002, Hasbro offered Star Tours droids action figures exclusively through Disney theme parks.  The first wave of figures were released on Power of the Jedi packaging.

The second wave of figures were released in 2003 on SAGA packaging.  Hasbro planned to also include repacks of Wave 1 figures in this wave.  DL-X2 was one of the planned repacked figures.  However, this droid was cancelled and never officially released on the SAGA card back.

For a complete history of the Star Tours lineup, click here.

Unproduced DL-X2 Star Tours Prototype Figure

Fun Fact:

Early versions of this droid featured a functional opening door panel.  This concept was later changed to a non-functional stationary door panel.

Other Unreleased Wave 1 Figures on Saga Card Backs

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