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CommTech 4.0 Battle Station, Episode I, 2002

In 2000, Hasbro planned on releasing a deluxe CommTech reader.  This reader was not designed to replace the original 1999 CommTech reader, but to provide a more interactive experience for users.  This second generation CommTech reader would feature interchangeable sound cartridges on the right side of the Battle Station.  Additional sound cartridges were planned to be sold separately.  The red buttons at the bottom would've been used to access the sound effects for each cartridge.  The speaker was located on the left and the RFID antenna was located at the bottom beneath the Star Wars logo.  The large blue buttons could each store the data tags from any of the CommTech chips.  The design of this Battle Station featured elements from hyperdrive unit found in the Queen's Royal Starship.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual sketches were created to pitch different design concepts.  There were several concepts considered for this new design including a Commlink and laptop like playset.

Foam models were developed to provide a physical 3D view of what the reader may look like.  Early designs reveal that the replacement sound cartridges would be shaped like the hyperdrive unit from the Queen's Royal Starship.

Model Development

As development continued, the reader's main design began to transform.  The sound cartridge was relocated to the right side of the reader.  The following represents the stages of development.  There were several working examples used to test the functionality of the reader.

Foam Mock-Up

Early First Shot


First Shot

(Working Example)

The Sound Cartridges

The CommTech 4.0 Battle Station was planned to include one removable sound cartridge using a Windbond chip with 28 seconds of sound from Episode I.  The user could press the corresponding button to play the sound effect.  The original reader featured 12 seconds of sound built into the reader. 

Additional sound cartridges were planned to offer sounds from various scenes from Episode I.  These cartridges would include 21 seconds of sound effects.

Play Sound FX

Early concepts show that these sound cartridges were considered to be released with figure accessory packs that would include a number of weapons and other accessories.  Other concepts show that they were going to be released individually or as 2-packs.

Unfortunately due to the cancellation of the reader, these sound cartridges never made it to toy shelves.  Below is the proposed sound fx cartridge packs.

#1 Cinema Sound Cartridge 2-Pack


  • Parade Fanfare

  • Jabba Spitting at the Gong

  • Pod Engine Hum

  • Pod Racer Fly-by

  • Pod Force Field

  • Pod Crash

  • Pod Crowd Cheering (Anakin's Win)

  • Sebulba Pod Flame


  • Sith Speeder Approach

  • Sith Infiltrator Take Off

  • Queenship Take Off

  • Jar Jar / Sebulba Fight

  • Pit Droids Being Sucked into Engine

  • Eopies at the Race

  • Eopie Fart

  • Dewback Grunts

#2 Cinema Sound Cartridge 2-Pack


  • STAP Fly-bys with Firing

  • MTT's Rumbling Through the Trees

  • Lightsaber Deflection Sounds

  • Swamp Stampede

  • Kaadu Bark

  • Sketto Creature Noise

  • Ambience Naboo Swamp

  • Mott / Creature Howls


  • Opee Sea Killer Cry

  • Opee Sea Killer Tongue Shoot

  • Gungan Submarine (Engine Hum)

  • Underwater Shield Effects

  • Underwater Ambience

  • Colos Claw Fish Snap

  • Sando Aqua Monster Swim Rumble

  • Gungan Sub Escape Thrust

#3 Cinema Sound Cartridge 2-Pack


  • Tank Rumble

  • Tank Fire

  • Shield Generator Hum

  • Shield Absorb Impact

  • Fulumpaset Cries

  • Famba Walk and Grunts

  • Battle Droids Rack Deployment

  • Destroyer Droid Transform


  • Gungan Battle Horn

  • Gungan Power Ball Throw and Impact

  • Jar Jar Power Ball Cart Incident

  • Tank Destroyed

  • Kaadu Injury

  • Gungan Battle Cry

  • Gungan Catapult Launcher

  • Wheel Droid Roll-By

#4 Cinema Sound Cartridge 2-Pack


  • Trade Federation Ship Sounds

  • Droid Fighter Fly-by

  • Naboo Starfighter Fly-by

  • Naboo Starfighter Destroyed

  • Trade Federation Ship Destroyed

  • Laser Canons

  • Ambient Space Sounds

  • (Unknown)


  • Droid Fighter Swarm

  • Battle Sequence

  • Naboo Firing

  • Naboo Starfighter Startup

  • Control Panel Activate

  • Ship Blast Off

  • Warning Alarms

  • Anakin in Enemy Hangar

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