Dexter Jettster with Pipe, SAGA, 2002

Unreleased Dexter Jettster with Pipe
Dexter Jetster Pipe Text Insert

Dexter Jettster's character appeared in the Star Wars movie "Attack of the Clones".  Early conceptual models used for the film reveal him to be a smoker.  This reference information was shared with Hasbro Toys for the development of the action figure.  A Hasbro sculptor originally sculpted this figure without a pipe and it was to be decided later whether the pipe was going to be used as an accessory or as part of the head sculpt.  A source revealed that George Lucas didn't want the character to have a pipe as it promotes smoking and the film was intended to include a young audience.  Therefore the pipe concept was not used and Dexter was released as originally sculpted.  Unfortunately the package design indicated that the figure would include a pipe and there was a running change to cover the text.  Additionally, there is a cavity next to the saber dart that is believed to hold that pipe.  The above is an early first shot paint sample of the unreleased Dexter Jettster with pipe (head sculpt).  Note that the pipe is actually upside down when compared to original reference photos.