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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Flight Simulator Power of the Force, 1997


Kenner planned to create a Millennium Falcon Flight Simulator to follow their X-Wing Flight Simulator.  The X-Wing counterpart used the same hand-held controller with some color and graphic differences.

Children could use this to recreate space battle scenes.  Triggers and buttons allow the operator to maneuver the ship with sound effects from the movie.


The Millennium Falcon was designed  exclusively for this set.  After low sales with the X-Wing Flight Simulator, Kenner cancelled the Falcon and it never made it to toy shelves.

There were a number of working models developed, including some with the final packaging.

Fun Fact:

Collectors got a glimpse of this product as it was shown in the 1997 Hasbro Toy Fair catalog.

1997 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog
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