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Star Wars Power of the Force Packaging Design Line Look

In the 1995, Kenner rebooted a new Star Wars action figure line known as The Power of the Force. Although many fans and collectors now refer it to Power of the Force 2 (POTF2). 


Early design concepts for this new "line look" were based on a new take on Luke Skywalker with much more detail compared to prior action figures.  The line was originally dubbed as "The Trilogy Edition" and depicted a Darth Vader image from a still shot based on "Return of the Jedi".  The following is a collage of handmade early card concepts used to pitch this line to Lucasfilm, Ltd. for licensing approval.  


Conceptual Figure

As development continued, the Darth Vader helmet was replaced with a concept inspired by a prop taken in Kenner's studio and the toy line was eventually renamed "The Power of the Force".  The following is a collage of mockups including digital comps with overlays along with final approved production card back.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker Conceptual Mockup Card
Star Wars POTF2 Unproduced Darth Vader Proof Card Concept
Star Wars Power of the Force 2 POTF2 Luke Skywalker Proof Card

Production Figure

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