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Star Wars Rancor Power of the Force, 1998

Star Wars Unproduced Rancor Prototype Beast

In 1997, Kenner released a series of creature action figure sets.  The Rancor Beast was included in this assortment.

Early designs started from a recreation of the vintage Rancor from 1983.  The first prototypes were made of injection molded plastic from the original steel molds.  Some evidence suggests that some of these early prototypes were modified by the Kenner model shop to include additional features.

Ultimately this amazing beast was completely resculpted and included a rubberized body for final production.

POTF2 Rancor and Luke Skywalker Jedi

1998 Kenner Toy Fair


Fun Fact:

The Luke Skywalker figure included with this set has had some paint scheme changes through development.  This early paint sample has a much lighter overall paint scheme compared to the almost all-black production figure.

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