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Is Now Live!

Join us for a Star Wars Prototype Weekend Sales Event from Friday, November 18th-20th, 2022.  Sales formats will be "Deal or No Deal" and "Buy-it-Now"!  This event will feature many items from the recently acquired SWJUNK Collection!  Whether you want to sell, purchase or just watch the fun, you won't be disappointed!  No seller/bidder fees!


Date: November 18 - 20, 2022

Begins: 5PM Pacific Time (PT) / 8PM Eastern Time (ET)

Where: Prototype Sales Event - Forum Category

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Featuring items from the

Great items from the SWJUNK collection!
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Here is a Sneak Preview!

Xizor Engineering Pilot
Luke Skywalker Engineering Pilot on Shadows of the Empire Card
Leia Boushh Engineering Pilot
Ewoks Engineering Pilot
Unproduced Titanium R2-D2
Unproduced Nerf Conceptual Blaster
Han Solo Endor Engineering Pilot
Boshek Prototype First Shot
Unproduced Card Coruscant Guard Engineering Pilot
ARC Trooper Engineering Pilot
Clone Trooper Engineering Pilot
Nikto Guard Engineering Pilot
TSC Chewbacca Prototype with Proof Card
Unproduced Titanium Clone Trooper Captain
Ody Mandrell & Pit Droid First Shots
Zuckuss Proof Card

New Listings:

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