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Star Wars DataTalk Conceptual Mock Up Power of the Force, 1998

Star Wars Luke Skywalker DataTalk Prototype Figure

In 1999, Hasbro introduced a line of action figures that included an electronic action figure stand that was capable if storing sound effects and phrases from the movie releases.

The technology was known as "CommTech" in most countries and "CommTalk" where they may have been trademark conflicts.  Hasbro partnered with a company called Innovision Research & Technology to create this technological aspect for this line.

Users could reenact scenes by placing the action figure stand over a special CommTech reader.  The reader used "RFID" technology to wirelessly download and play the electronic sounds stored within the chip/stand.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker DataTalk Prototype Figure

This conceptual hand-made mockup shows the DataTalk chip packaged behind the action figure.

Star Wars DataTalk Conceptual Stand Prototype

Early prototype chips were developed to test the technology.  Here is a glimpse of an early working example of the CommTech technology.

The production counterpart included a translucent shell with a much smaller circuit board and character photo.

CommTech Development:

Early conceptual designs of this line were created to pitch the idea, and were dubbed as "DataTalk".  The DataTalk chips were originally designed to be a small accessory that could be attached to a beaded chain or keychain.

DataTalk CommTech Chip

Conceptual DataTalk Chip

Star Wars Unproduced DataTalk Prototype Figure

As development continued, the concept transitioned to an action figure stand.  This would not only assist in keeping the figure upright, but it would better allow the action figure to be included as part of the interaction experience.

Star Wars DataTalk Conceptual Stand Prototype

Conceptual DataTalk Stand Design

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