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Star Wars Utai (Unreleased)
Legacy, 2009

Star Wars Legacy Unproduced Utai Action Figure Prototype

The Utai are a native species from Utapau.  Like humans, the Utai come in all shapes and sizes.  In 2009, Hasbro released a Utai figure as part of the Legacy Build-A-Droid Series.  There were plans to produce a second variation of this species as shown in the above photo.  The figure was developed all the way to injection molded paint samples.  However, this figure sculpt never made it into production.  It is unknown if the second version was planned for a single figure pack or a multi-pack release.


Comparison Photos

Unproduced Utai Action Figure Prototype Comparison

Unproduced Figure

Production Figure 

Fun Fact:

The Varactyl wrangler accessory shown on the back of the production package was never released this figure.  It shows the accessory from the unproduced figure.

Star Wars Legacy Utai Card Back
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