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Saga Legends Boba Fett 30th Anniversary Collection, 2007

Unreleased Saga Legends Boba Fett Mock Up Figure

In 2007, Hasbro released the Saga Legends assortment which contained repacks of previously released action figures.

Boba Fett was originally planned to be a repack of the 2006  The Saga Collection Boba Fett as seen in the above engineering pilot mockup.  Hasbro decided to forego the injection molded cape for a fabric cape.  So ultimately the figure was switched to the 2004 The Original Trilogy Collection Boba Fett.

2007 Saga Legends Boba Fett
2007 Saga Legends Boba Fett Card Back

Fun Fact:

Interestingly, when Hasbro produced the final production packaging for the 2007 Saga Legends figure, it included an image of the 2003 Saga Boba Fett figure as seen on the back of the card.

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