Star Wars 30th Anniversary Cancelled Final Wave, 2008


In 2007 and 2008, Hasbro celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars with a collection of action figures from the first six films along with conceptual designs by Ralph McQuarrie and other expanded universe characters.  The 30th Anniversary Collection (TAC) was one of the most memorable toy lines as the packaging incorporated amazing individual character art as opposed to generic card back designs previously used.

Following the Force Unleashed wave in 2008, there were plans for a fourth wave featuring eight characters from the 2003 Clone Wars 2D animated micro-series.  The card back art contained a realistic depiction of the character on the front and animated still from the show on the back.  The figure sculpts were based on a realistic non-animated design.

Unfortunately most retailers chose not to order this fourth wave of figures.  While Toys R Us was onboard, Walmart and Target decided to pass.  Therefore these figures were never released with TAC packaging.  Fortunately the action figures themselves were later released as part of the Legacy Collection, but going back to a generic card back design featuring a Stormtrooper helmet.  The packaging inserts included art from the cancelled TAC final wave.


TAC / Legacy Packaging Comparison

Below are Engineering Pilots or sample figures developed that show what this final wave would've looked like.  Note that the sample action figures themselves can often have differences compared to their production counterparts as they were not necessarily designed to be the final product.


08-16: Obi-Wan Kenobi


08-17: Clone Scuba Trooper


08-18: Saesee Tiin


08-19: Padme Amidala


08-20: IG Lancer Droid


08-21: Mon Calamari Warrior


08-22: Quarren Soldier


08-23: Clone Trooper