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Star Wars Electronic Power F/X Vehicles
Power of the Force, 1998


In 1998, Kenner released a completely new and improved X-Wing Fighter that was larger and more proportionally accurate compared to the 1995 release.  It featured electronic lights and 12 real movie sounds & phrases.


Electronic Power F/X Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter

electronic xwing1.jpg

Unreleased Concepts:

The Kenner model shop created several conceptual designs for this vehicle lineup.  Early designs for the X-Wing Fighter included a kit-bashed version of the 1995 X-Wing fighter.  These early concepts are often used to pitch the ideas internally and to Lucasfilm.

As the design phase progressed, another model was created using a completely new sculpt.  A glimpse of this design can be found in Kenner Toy Fair catalogs.


It included a larger hand grip with buttons to activate the various electronic features.  The hand grip was later changed to a smaller fold-back design.

Star Wars POTF2 Electronic Power F/X X-Wing Fighter Prototype

Production Grip

Star Wars POTF2 Electronic Power F/X X-Wing Fighter Prototype
electronic tie fighter.jpg

Kenner also pitched a Tie Fighter design as seen in this internal photo.  However, an electronic Power F/X Tie Fighter never made it to production.

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