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Star Wars Electronic Power F/X Vehicles
Power of the Force, 1998


In 1998, Kenner shook up the toy galaxy with the release of a new, fully armed and operational X-Wing Fighter. This sleek starfighter was supersized and packed with movie-accurate details that would make any Rebel pilot proud. She roared to life with 12 authentic sounds & phrases straight from the films. Her LED engines burned bright as she prepared for battle. Kenner had hoped to launch an equally epic TIE Fighter to take on this Rebel threat, but alas, it was not meant to be. While kids everywhere took control of the skies with their new X-Wings, the Imperial Navy would have to wait. For now, the Force was with the Rebels.


Early Concepts:

electronic xwing1.jpg
electronic tie fighter.jpg

The Kenner model shop was hard at work dreaming up new ship designs for their toy lineup. Their creative minds envisioned an updated take on the classic X-Wing Fighter and Tie Fighter vehicles from 1995. Kitbashing together parts from other models, they built early prototypes of this next-generation starfighter. These conceptual models allowed Kenner to showcase their ideas internally and get the green light from Lucasfilm.

The late 1990s brought some exciting updates to the popular toy line. In the 1997 and 1998 Hasbro Toy Fair catalogs, fans got a first look at a revolutionary new model. This version sported a large, easy-grip hand controller with buttons to activate all the toy's electronic features. Kids must have loved getting their hands on the futuristic remote! But later models swapped the bulky controller for a more streamlined, fold-back design. While the look changed, the imagination-sparking play value stayed the same. For children of the era, these toys marked many hours of adventure.

Star Wars POTF2 Electronic Power F/X X-Wing Fighter Prototype
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