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Star Wars Complete Galaxy Hoth with Princess Leia Power of the Force, 1998

Hoth Complete Galaxy with Princess Leia Prototype

In 1998 Kenner released a line of action figures called "Complete Galaxy" to include a planet that opens up and doubles as a display base.  This series included: Dagobah with Yoda, Death Star with Darth Vader, Endor with Ewok, and Tatooine with Luke Skywalker.

There were also plans to offer a Hoth Complete Galaxy with Princess Leia.  The Princess Leia was the same sculpt as the single carded version.  This design concept made it very far down the preproduction process to include first shots and packaged samples.  However, the line was cancelled and never made it to toy shelves.

Unproduced Complete Galaxy Hoth Prototype

Conceptual Model

Fun Fact:

Planet Hoth was originally pitched with a Hoth Rebel Trooper.  However, this concept never made it past the conceptual stage.

Collectors got a glimpse of this concept in Toy Fair catalogs.

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