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Star Wars Luke Skywalker in Ceremonial Outfit
Power of the Force, 1997

Unproduced Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Prototype Figure

Salesman Sample

In 1997, Kenner released a Luke Skywalker figure in Ceremonial outfit with an "all new likeness".  This was the seventh Luke figure released since 1995.  Prior figure releases were based on a much more "buff" design, so it was an attempt to transition the line into looking more movie realistic.


Luke was originally  sculpted with a much different head sculpt and ultimately was rejected prior to final production.  The medal was also retooled to feature a slightly larger size and include more surface detail.  The salesman sample above offers a good glimpse at what this figure would've looked like with the original sculpt.

Rejected Head Sculpt Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Figure

Unreleased Head

Production Head

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