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Star Wars Jek Porkins CommTech 2, Power of the Force, 2000

Unproduced Jek Porkins CommTech 2 Prototype Mock Up

Hasbro originally planned on making Jek Porkins as part of the Power of the Force 2 basic figure assortment.  The figure was planned to include the second generation CommTech chip with "Twice the Speech".  However the CommTech chips were cancelled, and the figure was released as part of the Power of the Jedi series with a Force File insert.


Fun Fact:

Working prototype CommTech chips were developed for #C13 Jek Porkins.


CommTech V2 Proposed Speech:

"I've got a problem here... Eject... I can't hold it... Pull up... No!  No !... Aaaah!

"Red six standing by."

"We've picked up a new group of signals, enemy fighters coming your way."

"I'm going in!  I'm right with you red three!"

(Blaster sounds)


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