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Naboo Fighter Game with Ric Olie Episode I, 2000

Unproduced Naboo Fighter Game with Ric Olie Prototype Figure

Tiger Electronics developed a handheld Naboo Fighter game to include an exclusive Naboo Pilot action figure by Hasbro.  The figure was designed to fit into the cockpit chair and used to control the fighter within the game.  Collectors got a glimpse of this game in the 2000 Tiger Electronics Toy Fair catalog.

Unreleased Hasbro / Tiger Electronics Naboo Fighter Game
Unproduced Ric Olie Prototype Paintsample Figure


Paint Deco

Carded Production Release

Fun Fact:

The action figure is the same sculpt as the 1999 Ric Olie single card release, but includes a more weathered paint deco.  Both the Naboo fighter game and this version of the figure never made it to toy shelves. 

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