Star Wars Nute Gunray (Hologram) Episode I, 2000

Unproduced Nute Gunray Hologram Prototype Figure

In 2000, Hasbro had plans to release a Nute Gunray in holographic form in the Episode I basic figure collection.  Unfortunately this figure got cancelled late in the design stage and never made it into production.  Collectors got a glimpse of an early unpainted design of this figure as shown in the 2000 Hasbro Toy Fair catalog.  

The paint deco figure shown above offers a look of what the final production figure may have looked like if it was produced.  The figure has red painted eyes and the body has a translucent gold paint.   Another point of interest is that a second generation CommTech chip was planned for this figure and it too was cancelled.

2000 Hasbro Toy Fair Star Wars Catalog

Fun Fact:

Working prototype CommTech chips were developed for #52 Nute Gunray (Hologram).


CommTech V2 Proposed Speech:

"One Naboo cruiser got past the blockade."

"Process them."

"This is impossible!"

"She has disappeared my lord."

"Destroy what's left of them."

"Ah, victory!"

"Close the blast doors."

(Blaster fire short)

"They must be dead by now."

Unproduced Nute Gunray Second Generation CommTech Chip Prototype

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