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Star Wars Action Collection 12" Princess Leia Organa Power of the Force, 1998

Unproduced Princess Leia Organa Jabba Slave Head Prototype Figure

In 1998, Kenner released a 12" figure set with Princess Leia Organa as Jabba's prisoner and R2-D2.  This set was available exclusively through FAO Schwarz toy stores.  


Early designs of the Princess Leia figure had a much different look.  Ultimately the original head sculpt was rejected and replaced with a completely different design.  Since this design change was made so late in the preproduction process, some limited packaged samples were produced that included the original head sculpt design.  Here is comparison look between the two.

12 Inch Prototype FAO Schwarz Princess Leia Figure

Unreleased Head

Production Release

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