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Battle Bags Wave 2 Episode I, 2000

Unproduced Star Wars Battle Bags Wave 2

In 1999, Hasbro launched a thrilling new toy line called Battle Bags that allowed kids to stage epic land and underwater battles. Each Battle Bag contained a mysterious ooze-filled pouch that could be placed in water. At the climactic moment, kids sliced open the bags, unleashing these sea creatures and swamp monsters that oozed out ready for battle. The initial sets included two packs of clashing sea creatures, as well as two packs of squelching swamp creatures, providing hours of interactive fun. With Battle Bags, Hasbro brought imaginative creatures from Episode I, much to the delight of action-loving kids.

Rumors swirled of plans for an exciting new line of Star Wars toys - a collection of Pod Racers and Droids straight from the sands of Tatooine. While it is not officially confirmed that they were going to be part of the Battle Bags sub-line, these tantalizing hardcopies teased what these never-released toys could have looked like. But this wave vanished before hitting store shelves, leaving collectors to wonder what might have been.


Do you have insider intel on this mysterious lost line? Share any insights or clues you may have! Your tidbits could help complete the story of the Star Wars toys that got away. We eagerly await any new details you can provide on these elusive, unmade toys that still fuel imagination and speculation today.

Star Wars Episode I Battle Bags
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