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Star Wars Wedge Antilles VC28 Unreleased Figure
The Vintage Collection, 2011


For VC28 Wedge Antilles, Hasbro planned to repack the Wedge figure from the 2009 Legacy Collection Wedge Antilles' X-Wing Starfighter set.  After determining that the figure was too tall, Hasbro reworked the figure to include parts from The Vintage Saga Collection Luke and the head from the Wedge used in the Legacy 2009 Comic Packs set.  Since Lucasfilm did not approve this design, a new head sculpt created for the release of this figure.  A limited number of this unreleased samples were created, but never made it to toy shelves.


Unreleased Version

Production Release

Wedge Antilles Pilot Unreleased Figure 2010 San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro Presentation

Fun Fact:

Collectors got a glimpse of this unreleased figure as shown in a Hasbro presentation at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.

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