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Lott Dod (Neimoidian Senator) Episode I, 2000

Unproduced Episode I Lott Dod Mock Up Prototype Figure

Hasbro originally had plans to release a Lott Dod action figure as part of the Episode I basic figure assortment.  It would've included a CommTech chip featuring dialog from The Phantom Menace.  The above mock up engineering pilot offers a glimpse of what this concept may have looked like. 


In 2000, Hasbro transitioned many of the characters from the Episode I, line into the "Power of the Jedi" line.  Lott Dod made a brief appearance as featured on a conceptual card back shown at the 2000 Hasbro Toy Fair. 

Unreleased Power of the Jedi Card Back

After the Power of the Jedi line was officially released in stores, there was still no sign of the Lott Dod action figure and his photo was absent from the production card backs.  Collectors feared that he was cancelled. 


In 2002, Hasbro listened to the "voice of the customer" and finally released the character as part of the Saga figure assortment.  The Neimoidian Senator included a Darth Sidious hologram.  Unfortunately by this time, the CommTech technology was cancelled and the chip was never released.

Fun Fact:

Hasbro had plans to develop a CommTech chip for #40 Lott Dod and there are no known samples of a functional prototype chip.


CommTech Proposed Speech:

"This is outrageous.."

"I object to the Senator's statements!

"I object, there is no proof!"

"We recommend a commission be sent to Naboo."

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