Lott Dod (Neimoidian Senator) Episode I, 2000

Unproduced Episode I Lott Dod Mock Up Prototype Figure

Hasbro had plans to release Lott Dod as part of the Episode I basic figure assortment.  The above mock up engineering pilot offers a glimpse of what this concept may look like.  In 2000, the packaging transitioned to Power of the Jedi and there were still no signs of this rumored figure. Collectors feared that it was cancelled.  In 2002, Hasbro finally released the figure on Saga card and included an Darth Sidious hologram.


Fun Fact:

Hasbro had plans to develop a CommTech chip for #40 Lott Dod.  There are know known samples of this prototype chip.


CommTech Proposed Speech:

"This is outrageous.."

"I object to the Senator's statements!

"I object, there is no proof!"

"We recommend a commission be sent to Naboo."