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Star Wars Luke Skywalker & Han Solo Comic Pack Legacy, 2010

Unproduced Luke Skywalker in Snowspeeder Outfit Prototype Figure

Mockup Engineering Pilot

Since 1996, Kenner/Hasbro has partnered with Dark Horse Comics to offer action figure comic packs for their Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figure lines.  In 2007, Hasbro reintroduced the Comic Packs series under the 30th Anniversary Collection.  These comics featured reprints of older Marvel and Dark Horse Comics.  In 2008 Hasbro continued the tradition under the Legacy Collection.  Hasbro offered the final wave of figures through Entertainment Earth.  On the back of these figures shows plans to offer a comic pack that would feature a reprint of  the 1992 Classic Star Wars Comic #2. The above example is a mockup engineering pilot for this set.  Like many engineering pilots, the cardback, insert and comic don't match the figure set.

This set was to include a kit-bashed Luke Skywalker and Han Solo repack.  The Luke Skywalker figure had a 2009 Legacy BD51 Luke Snowspeeder body and BD38 Luke Medical Frigate head.  The Han Solo figure was a repainted 2006 Vintage Saga Collection Han Solo with trench coat, less the trench coat.  This set ultimately got cancelled and never made it to toy shelves.

Star Wars Unproduced Comic Pack

Star Wars comic enthusiasts may recognize Luke's white Star Fighter outfit found in 1992 Dark Horse Comics: Classic Star Wars #2.

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