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Star Wars NERF Blaster Power of the Force, 1997

Star Wars Unproduced Nerf Blaster Gun POTF2 1997

Hasbro created many role-play toys including lightsabers and blasters that allowed children to act as their favorite character from the movies.


This NERF Blaster was developed by the Hasbro model shop, but never approved for production. 

Star Wars Unproduced Nerf Blaster Rifle POTF2 1997
Kenner 1993 Sharp Shooter Nerf Gun and 1996 Stormtrooper BlasTech E-11 Rifle

Fun Fact:

This kit bashed model was made from a 1993 Sharp Shooter NERF gun and parts from the 1996 Stormtrooper blaster rifle (BlasTech E-11).  It included many hand-made plastic components to finish off the design.

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