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Star Wars Electronic Power F/X Figures
Power of the Force, 1997


In 1997, Kenner introduced a line of 3.75" action figures that included built-in electronics to enhance the toy's playability.  Each set included a remote-activated base to control the figure's movement.  The figures featured light-up accessories and/or sound effects.

Electronic Power F/X Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi

chewy fx2.jpg

Unreleased Concepts:

According to these internal photos, Kenner had developed several additional characters for the lineup to include light-up blasters.  These hand-made kit-bashed sets were made by the Kenner model shop using existing toys.

Chewbacca is shown with a Stormtrooper blaster,  carrying a disassembled C-3PO on his back for a possible Bespin set.  Note that a removeable limb C-3PO was released the following year as part of the basic figure assortment.

chewy fx1.jpg
stormtrooper fx1.jpg

This Stormtrooper has the Sandtrooper backpack likely to hide the battery compartment.  The base included an exploding door feature.

Princess Leia Organa is pictured with a mini-detention block base that included a blast door to make a quick escape into the trash compactor.

detention block2.jpg
leia fx2.jpg

Cardboard cutout depicts an army of Stormtroopers on the attack.  Unlike many of the other bases, this one doesn't appear to connect to another base.

However, this alternate base appears to connect to a conceptual trash compactor model.  It is unclear if the trash compactor would've been released as a separate playset.

trash compactor1.jpg
trash compactor2.jpg

While this overall design is very similar to its vintage counterpart, it does appear to use the same crushing mechanism.

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